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Certified International Trainer and Organization Development Consultant  – FAHAD KHALIL




Based in Kuala Lumpur, Certified International Trainer & Organization Development Consulstant, Fahad Khalil, consults and teaches globally.


20 years ago, when I started my training business, I really wish somebody had guided me, somebody was at my back who could tell me how to make myself successful. I could have saved so much frustration. People spend so much time in trial and error, I would have saved so much time, my life could have been much better. I urge everyone to learn from Fahad

Kamran Sultan – Pakistan’s #1 Master NLP Trainer – CEO @ First Institute of Dynamic Learning





“Fahad is the kind of person that people connect to almost immediately and he literally will help your people to improve in their communication and teamwork using Directive Communication Psychology and his vast business experience.”

Arthur Carmazzi – Best Selling Author – Global Top 10 Leadership Thought Leader – Founder of Directive Communication International





Fahad Khalil brings over a decades experience from working at Fortune 500’s like Cisco, Outsourcing Industry, and building 2 organizations from the ground up which employed over 100 people, served more than 10,000 customers in 25+ countries and generated $7 figures/year from online sales.

Rest assured, when you partner with Fahad to train / consult your organization, you work with someone with practical business experience.

As a certified Directive Communication Psychology trainer, people and organizational development consultant, online business and digital marketing consultant, Fahad has developed and conducted training workshops and courses to develop 100’s of people from students to CEO’s.

Career Highlights

⚡ Digital Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertisement, Performance Marketing and Analytics Since 2008

⚡ Trained 100’s of people at all levels of organization, including Top 50 Companies in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan

⚡ Served over 10,000 customers in more than 25 countries through online marketing

⚡ Extensive Experience in: Systems Design, Cloud Systems and Software Development, Content Marketing, Private Label Services and Products, Building High Performance Team Organization Culture and Teams

⚡ Lead Teams of 100+ people


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💥Certified in:

💥Leadership Development

💥Directive Communication Psychology

💥Colored Brain Facilitation 💥Certified People Developer 💥Curriculum Development 💥Human Emotional Drives


💥Professional Member: 💥American Institute of Business Psychology, 💥American Leadership Development Association, 💥Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers




  • “High Performance Leadership”

  • “High Performing Teams”

  • “Culture Change Initiatives”

  • “Inside Sales”

  • “Customer Service Excellence”

  • “Colored Brain Communicator”

  • “Optimizing Human Capital in Tech Companies”