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Fahad brings 17 years of invaluable international experience as a Digital Business Consultant, an Entrepreneurs Mindset & Business Coach, High Performance Team Dynamics Coach and One of Only 620 Directive Communication™ Psychology Certified Master Facilitator & International Corporate Trainers in the World.

His insights have proven extremely profitable to 100’s of Individuals and Organizations like Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim (Pakistan), Universal McCann (UK), Abahsain (Saudi Arabia), S.M. Builders & Developers, Computrad Holdings (UK), Rising Market Solutions (CA), Tropical Safari (UK), National Supply Trade and Advance Machinery to name a few.


Infinite Marketing

Infinite Marketing was a digital agency and services business that I grew to 7 figures in 5 years with clients from over 24 countries.

Mighty Designers

Mighty Designers was a design contest platform for the US market which allowed business owners to get their graphic designs from creative talent around the world.

Business Management System

BMS was a cloud CRM & ERP I built for the digital agency and services business.


SAVVYIO was a private label product brand which sold over 100,000 USD on Amazon.com in 14 months.

Cloud Talent Management System to streamline the recruitment function.

What Some Leaders & Clients Say About Fahad

Arthur Carmazzi - Global Leadership Guru

Assalam u alaikum. Thanks for your coaching. I'm gladly sharing my feelings that I understand every bit of your word regarding my training startup. It's because of your training. It's working. May Almighty Allah give you jaza e khair. Your manual contents are so helpful. I couldn't get my business name registered with the concerned department. However i'm busy in designing my first course to be delivered by the end of the running month. I really feel a different twist in my way of thinking. Yes it's a change, i'm more serious towards my goal of becoming a trainer. It's really so intensive training. Thanks a lot to Almighty Allah that I achieved. Thanks to you.
Aamer Iqbal
CFO, QSA Surgical Pvt. Ltd.
When I started my training business, I really wish somebody had guided me, somebody was at my back who could tell me how to make myself successful. I could have saved so much frustration. People spend so much time in trial and error, I would have saved so much time, my life could have been much better. I urge everyone to learn from Fahad.
Kamran Sultan
Master NLP Trainer, USA
"If you are already doing a business or even want to start a new one, this is the best opportunity for your growth, it will develop your mindset and you will perform much better than your own expectations"
Saeed Mukhtar
Hypnotist & Life Coach
I must share my experience of holding a training session with you few years back for our employees in which you used the theme of “colored brain”. It was indeed a very useful, engaging and new thing to learn. Keep the good work going!!
Syed Ammar Saeed
L&D Professional
Thank you for your wisdom, experience and personable presentation. It was very helpful to understand how conflict escalates and how we can better manager our responses.
Muhammad Shabbir
Manager Spare Part, Abahsain Co, KSA
Thank you for providing us valuable training. Your ideas and suggestions contributed immensely to our discussion. I am confident that good things will come from our joint efforts.
Naveed Ahmed
National Services Manager, ISDC, KSA
We all are...specially our company is thankful to you for giving us such a rich experience. We have learned a lot...we understand that by applying these processes and skills, life and work both will be enjoyable and our work will become easy and strong teams will be built. It was a pleasant experience, thank you very much.
Mohammad Qasim
Assistant General Manager, Abahsain Co. KSA
I've attended so many workshops, I thought this one would be like all the others, I would like to share with full confidence that I was wrong! This workshop gave me the kind of solutions that I'm going back as a totally changed person. I strongly recommend that you must attend this workshop. Fahad's training style is very appealing, he takes the participants along with him, encourages all sorts of questions resulting in zero confusion and absolute clarity. I've experienced the benefits so I strongly recommend that you also benefit from this workshop. Thank you brother Fahad for conducting this workshop and allowing me to start a new life"
Aamer Iqbal
CFO, QSA Surgical Pvt. Ltd, Sialkot


Experience lightning fast results when you engage to work with Fahad as your professional coach to help you with: your coaching business, digital business or entrepreneurial mindset.

Get personalized help with your marketing, branding, product/program development, video feedback and more.


Leverage Fahad’s 17 years of experience in the Digital Business Landscape. Whether you are looking to start a digital business as a solopreneur, a seasoned & established offline entrepreneur considering investing and building a profitable 7 figure online business, or an existing digital business doing 6-7 figures looking for growth opportunities, your search ends here. 


Take your awareness of communication to the next level with our Internationally accredited Directive Communication Psychology based experiential workshops which are 42% more effective than traditional training programs resulting in: High Participation, Engagement & Retention Rates, 90% Positive Feedback, Same Day Knowledge Transfer, and Long Lasting Results.

Benefits: Increased Trust, Cooperation & Collaboration. Reduced Conflicts, Misunderstandings & Wastage of Potential.


The online community for aspiring & struggling Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Experienced Professionals, Teachers, Trainers, Coaches, Consultants, Facilitators, Mentors & Subject Matter Experts, who want to build an Online Coaching (Education) business which is in Alignment with their Values, Principles & Ethics. 

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