I bring 17 years of invaluable international experience as a Digital Business Consultant, an Entrepreneurs Mindset & Business Coach, High Performance Team Dynamics Coach, One of Only 620 Directive Communication™ Psychology Certified Master Facilitator & International Corporate Trainers in the World.

My insights have proven extremely profitable to 100’s of Individuals and Organizations like Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim (Pakistan), Universal McCann (UK), Abahsain (Saudi Arabia), S.M. Builders & Developers, Computrad Holdings (UK), Rising Market Solutions (CA), Tropical Safari (UK), National Supply Trade and Advance Machinery to name a few.

For 17 years, I have been able to nurture and empower regular people by bringing out the best version of themselves, seasoned professionals and organizations to build $7 figure digital businesses, thriving cultures and high performance teams.

As a Digital Consultant: I help aspiring, struggling & successful entrepreneurs in starting, scaling and selling their digital business. 

I started my online journey back in 2007 when I turned to the Internet in search of growth. Little did I know that It would allow me to channel my creative and entrepreneurial spirit into digital businesses like $7 Figures Digital Agency & Services Business, $6 Figures Physical Products, Affiliate Marketing, Software Development, Online Marketplace Development, to serving 10,000+ clients in 24+ countries to online coaching & consulting.

As a Master Facilitator, International Trainer: I help teams experience communication on a level they have never experienced before. In just one day, my clients mindset shifts from conflict to cooperation & collaboration. They become influential communicators.

As a Coach: I help aspiring & struggling entrepreneurs get clarity, breakthrough their current life situation and achieve the goals they set out to by operating from a different perspective.

Naturally, I also coach aspiring & struggling teachers, trainers, coaches, consultants, facilitators & subject matter experts in building their own online coaching/education business.


  • Certified Master Facilitator
  • Certified Colored Brain Consultant
  • Certified in Program Curriculum Development
  • Certified Human Emotional Drivers Consultant
  • Country Partner of Directive Communication International
  • Certified Directive Communication Psychology Consultant
  • Certified Professional Member of American Institute of Business Psychology
  • Certified Professional Member of American Leadership Development Association


Since 2006, this is what I've been up to...

From Coaching, Consulting & Training Determined Individuals to Billion Dollar Organizations in Asia & Middle East to Create Synergy among their teams.

To Creating Thriving Organization Cultures, Where Your People & Teams Become Your Ambassadors.

To Building Million Dollar Online Businesses that Serve 10,000+ Customers in 24+ Countries While Applying the Principles of Lifestyle Entrepreneurship.

Business, Organization Culture & People Development



After building & leading big teams, I realized that no matter how religiously you coach your people for high performance, conflicts and misunderstandings were bound to happen, resulting in wastage of potential, loss of productivity and overall negative  employee behavior.

In 2016, to address this issue and follow my calling of human potential development, I decided to become a Certified Directive Communication Psychology Consultant. And the first thing I did was to conduct the learning experience at my own organization back then. Amazed by the experiences my own teams shared with me, I decided this education needs to go public.

Today, as an Entrepreneur, Digital Business Consultant & International Trainer…Global Leaders recognize me for Excellence, Engagement and Creating Transformational Results for my clients.

 Since then I have coached, consulted, trained and facilitated high performing individuals, entrepreneurs and Billion Dollar Organizations in Asia & Middle East on Leadership, Creating Synergy, Reducing Conflicts, Business & Personal Development. 


Looking back to my childhood experiences, quality of education and family circumstances, I had absolutely no idea that I would be able to accomplish so many things and impact so many lives in my own unique ways.

However, year 2020 came to me as a shock as it did to people all around the world. It was at that time I decided to connect the dots, look back and see how I was able to achieve my goals. To my surprise, I discovered a pattern

I ran that pattern through all my experiences and realized that I moved through 5 steps every time I wanted to achieve a goal, change my circumstances or go from point A to B.

That’s how the Breakthrough Accelerator Coaching program came into being. 


Continuous Learning, Collaborations and Networking with Global Thought Leaders Allows Me to Serve My Clients at the Highest Level, With the Most Advanced, Real Business & Life Strategies that bring Results.

Synergy Experience Program

Synergizing Teams at Top 10 Organizations in Asia & Middle East.

The Way Forward

I’m on a mission to helping individuals and organizations grow peacefully, professionally & profitably while making the world a better place, one person & one organization at a time.

At the same time create Influence, Impact and Income for yourself, your family and society at large.

We are now living in an uncertain world, the old models and templates we operate from have become obsolete. 

For us to Move Forward,  Expand and Grow, we must build the:

  • SkillSet
  • MindSet
  • SoulSet
  • HeartSet

To join the next breed of Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Mentors.

The World Needs Us.

It Needs You!

Rest assured, the “system” won’t do anything, It’s you and me who have to Own it. 

Not just for ourselves, but for our Next generations. (I’m a Father of 3)

Unless we decide to do something about it today, everything will stay the same (or perhaps get worst!)

If you resonate with my message, I would really get to know you better and see how I can help you bring out your gifts and share them with the world in the most ethical, influential and impactful manner…online and offline.

Connect with me on Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and also get access to the Free Training I have created for you.

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