About fahad

I'm a Serial Entrepreneur + Digital Business Consultant.

Currently i’m working as the Founder at Next Level Digital.

I help conventional entrepreneurs build and grow digital businesses in record time.

If you are a Dreamer, Hopeful, Visionary, Positive, Believer, Ambitious, Passionate Human Being…You are Welcome.

I appreciate your presence here.

I believe you have untapped potential waiting to be nurtured and do wonders with it.

I believe in you and your gifts.

The world needs you.

If you stay connected virtually with me, 3 things can happen:

  1. You can start a Digital business 
  2. You can grow your existing business and teams
  3. You can grow as a Leader

However, for me to earn that right, I would like to share a few things about myself…

Assalam O Alaikum, I'm Fahad

From Coaching, Consulting & Training Determined Individuals to Billion Dollar Organizations in Asia & Middle East.

To Creating Thriving Organization Cultures, Where Your People & Teams Become Your Ambassadors.

To Building Million Dollar Online Businesses that Serve 10,000+ Customers in 24+ Countries While Applying the Principles of Lifestyle Entrepreneurship.

I've been doing this Since 2008.

My Results

From not knowing “anything” about business in 2007, I am fortunate to have self educated myself about digital business that has resulted in the following:

  • Built 2 x Digital Agencies & Services Businesses to the tune of $7 Digits/Year, while creating employment and leading teams of 100+ people, attracting 10,000+ Clients from over 24 Countries, including Universal McCann, Computrad Holdings and Tropical Valley to name a few.
  • Built 1 X Ecommerce Business to the tune of $6 Digits/Year without an office or employees.

After leading big teams, I realized one critical challenge and that is Conflict, Misunderstanding & Wastage of Potential.

In 2016, to address this issue and follow my calling of training, I became a Certified Directive Communication Psychology Consultant and started conducting learning experiences for teams and organizations.

Today, as a Digital Business Consultant & Certified International Master Facilitator, Trainer,  Coach &  Speaker…Global Leaders recognize me for Excellence, Engagement and Creating Transformational Results for My Clients.

 Since then I have coached, consulted, trained and facilitated Driven Individuals and Billion Dollar Organizations in Asia & Middle East on Leadership, Creating Synergy, Business & Personal Development. Some of my clients include Fauji Fertilizer, Abahsain (Saudi Arabia), National Supplies, to name a few.

Global Network

Continuous Learning, Collaborations and Networking with Global Thought Leaders Allows Me to Serve My Clients at the Highest Level, With the Most Advanced, Real Business & Life Strategies that bring Results.


Synergizing Teams at Top 10 Organizations in Asia & Middle East.

Life Hasn't Always Been Like This Though...

I passed my college exams by chance, i.e. grace marks issued by the secondary board. Not because I wasn’t good at studying, but because of the access middle class has to the quality of education, the way teachers teach and the education “system” itself.

In 2006, I started my professional career as a Telesales Executive, making 500+ Calls/Day trying to sell broadband services to cold prospects in the UK, earning only Rs.15,000/Month (less than $100)

I didn’t like it and realized that I’m stuck.

I  tried visualizing myself doing that job…

Or any other job for that matter…

And I couldn’t come to terms with how the picture looked like…

I thought there has to be more ways to earn an income other than a job.

I also realized that I’ve got so much potential and it’s never going to be fully utilized if I stay at a job.

It was then I started to Think for myself.

I took a step back to Observe & Explore. That’s when things started to change inside me.

That’s when I decided I want to be in Business for myself… and the rest is history.

I became a Student of Business. And it became evident to me very quickly that business growth is directly proportional to personal growth.

As I progressed, I realized that I’m a Lifestyle Entrepreneur.

Meaning, I like to build businesses systematically, digitally, around my interests, skills and passions. 

Businesses that can be delegated, outsourced and automated.

Businesses that utilize my creative potential and higher mental faculties.

Businesses that push me to grow, are challenging and allow me to learn new skills.

Random Facts

  • I have worked as a home mover to earn SR.100
  • I have travelled to 15 countries and lived in 3
  • I lived at Baku airport for 30+ hours due to “Unexpected Flight Delay”
  • My Real Education Began after doing the MBA
  • I’ve Interviewed 1000+ people
  • I’m a Student First, Implementer 2nd and Teacher 3rd
  • I have swimmed with sharks & done scuba diving on remote islands in Malaysia
  • I rediscovered my Soul Purpose in 2011

Professional Memberships

Professional Certifications

Journey of Growth

Below are just some of my professional accomplishments that showcase my commitment to continuous learning & growth.
  • Certified Directive Communication Psychology Consultant, Coach & Trainer
  • Certified International Master Facilitator
  • Professional Member American Institute of Business Psychology
  • Professional Member American Leadership Development Association
  • Country Partner Directive Communication International
  • Colored Brain Practitioner, Trainer & Coach
  • Certified in Human Emotional Drives & Motivation
  • Certified in Curriculum & Program Development
  • Certified Environment & Influence Practitioner + Coach
  • Certified People Developer

The Way Forward

My mission now is to empower 100,000 determined individuals become financially independent lifestyle leaders and do something about Leadership, Financial Independence, Teaching and Education. 

At the same time create Influence, Impact and Income for yourself, your family and society at large.

We are now living in an uncertain world, the old models and templates we operate from have become obsolete. 

For us to Move Forward,  Expand and Grow, we must build the:

  • SkillSet
  • MindSet
  • SoulSet
  • HeartSet

To join the next breed of Lifestyle Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Mentors.

The World Needs Us.

It Needs You!

Rest assured, the “system” won’t do anything, It’s you and me who have to Own it. 

Not just for ourselves, but for our Next generations

Unless we decide to do something about it today, everything will stay the same (or perhaps get worst!)

If you resonate with my message, I would really get to know you better and see how I can help you bring out your gifts and share them with the world in the most ethical, influential and impactful manner…online and offline.

Connect with me on Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and also get access to the Free Training I have created for you.

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