Power Hour

  • Ask me anything related to:
  • Your existing digital agency / services business.
  • Starting a Digital Business

360 Growth

For existing digital agency / service business owners doing $5 – $6 figures, wanting to scale to $7 figures+. 

This is a minimum 3 Month Engagement. 

I will evaluate everything related to your business and provide you with the roadmap to $7 figures. 

Scope includes: you, products/services, competition, pricing, digital marketing channels, training & coaching.

Personal Brand Consulting

For coaches, consultants & experts.

$6 Figure Coach

Work with me to build & grow your coaching & consulting business, online & offline.

3 Month Engagement.

What to Expect


Save your precious time and move from idea or confusion to clarity in one call.


No one has to know your secret of success. Enjoy your growth by signing the 100% confidentiality agreement.


Be in a state of absolute certainty that your goal is becoming a reality.


There are many ways of achieving a goal. Develop a customized strategy with Fahad, that works best for your unique situation.


Speak your mind knowing you are working in a safe, judgement free environment.

Express your deepest concerns, vulnerabilities & ideas without fear.


Follow proven systems that work.