Customer Service Excellence for Online or Offline Business | Part 1 Urdu Hindi | Fahad Khalil

The Case: Customer sends a message complaining about product quality and they would like to get a replacement.

What turns out at the end of the conversation is a rare and interesting event, the customer decides to buy a higher priced product. (over $230!)

Watch this free deep-dive training video to discover how keeping customer service excellence & fundamentals of sales at the core can produce astounding results when dealing with customers online and offline.

Among a host of invaluable insights, you will learn the following 3 key elements:

  1. Mindset: Customer Lifetime Value Vs. 1 Time Sale
  2. Identify Specific Problems
  3. Always, Make an Offer (regardless of the situation)

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⚡️ Fahad Khalil is a Certified International Trainer Specializing in Directive Communication Psychology, Online Business & Digital Marketing.

⚡️ Fell in love with the idea of internet marketing in 2008. Through digital marketing & his team, he was able to add over $1.2M/Year in revenue from online sales.

⚡️ Believes that education transforms lives. (not the education system)

⚡️ Loves teaching, mentoring and consulting individuals and organizations.

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