Private 1:1 Coaching for Committed Big Dreamers


Who are surviving and not thriving, struggling to grow their business, starting over, experiencing mid-life crisis, unsure about their direction moving forward. 

  • They know the skill and potential is not the problem, it’s the invisible forces holding them back to play full out in life and business. 
  • They are engaged in self-sabotaging behaviors & addictions and can’t seem to figure a way out on their own. 
  • They understand for things to change, they have to change and are willing to invest the time and money to experience the next level in their life.


 Teachers, trainers, coaches, consultants, facilitators, mentors, subject matter experts:

Who want to build their business online with coaching programs, courses and community but can’t seem to figure it out with all the overwhelm and do it on their own. 

  • They need a step by step system,  accountability and a dedicated professional environment to share their ideas, receive feedback, feel seen, encouraged and appreciated for their gifts throughout the process, not just at the end of the finish line.

3 Months Minimum Engagement

Power Hour

Gain Clarity related to your professional path within an hour, no matter how long have you been stuck for!

What to Expect


Save your precious time and move from idea or confusion to clarity in one call.


No one has to know your secret of success. Unless you want to! Enjoy your growth by signing the 100% confidentiality agreement.


Be in a state of certainty that your goal is becoming a reality.


There are many way of achieving a goal. Develop a customized strategy with Fahad, that works best for your unique situation.


Speak your mind knowing you are working in a safe, judgement free environment. 

Express your deepest concerns, vulnerabilities and ideas without fear.


Follow proven systems that work.