Lifestyle Business Model

The Premium Training System Designed To Empower You Become a Financially Independent Lifestyle Leader


Strategic Level Course to Help You Set ROCK SOLID Foundations!


✔️ Proven System to Help You Become Financially Independent

✔️ Discover & Channel Your Gifts to Your Personal Leader Brand

✔️Understand Multiple Income Streams

Bonus 1

Gifts Extraction Blueprint

A Simple & Effective Process to Extract Your Unique Gifts & Channel Them Into Service To Others & Income



✔️ Extract Your Gifts

✔️ Match Them With Market

✔️ Find Your Flow

Bonus 2

Achievement Accelerator Blueprint

The Most Potent 5 Step Process to Virtually Guarantee You Will Achieve Results



✔️ Follow My 5 Step E. D.A.O.T Framework that Works Like Magic, Always, For Any Goal and Any Life Situation! I PROMISE.

✔️ Identify How Your Brain is Genetically Hardwired for Taking Action and Work in Flow.

✔️Never Give up Again Because You Now Have the Framework to Success.

Bonus 3

Online Traffic Blueprint

Understand the Online Traffic Sources / Marketing Channels



✔️ Paying an Email/SMS Marketing Company to Send Out/Blast Thousands of Emails on Your Behalf is NOT Email Marketing.

✔️The Most Useful Online Traffic Sources / Marketing Channels 

✔️Components of an Effective Online Marketing & Lead Generation Campaign

Bonus 4

Events Income Blueprint

Create Immersive, Experiential & Transformational Events for Your Clients - Online & Offline!

✔️ Dive deeper into your content, influence and empower your clients.

✔️Build stronger & intimate connections.

✔️Watch your clients lives transform.

Bonus 5

Personal Brand Blueprint

Learn How to Position Yourself as the Go To Authority In Your Space, Online + Offline.

✔️ Discover how to extract your personal brand from your life’s stories and professional experiences

✔️ Give your clients perfect reasons to connect with you

✔️ Stand out from a sea of copy-cats in your space