Simple Amazon FBA Product Research – Part 1

Step 1: Relax

Take a Deep Breath with your nose for 4 seconds, mouth closed, tongue fixed to the back of your upper teeth, hold it in your lungs for 7 seconds and then gently blow air through your mouth. Do this 3-4 Times to make sure you’re really relaxed. The reason is simple, you won’t find a Decent Product to launch in your first attempt, it’s going to take hours, can take weeks and even months if you’re doing it all alone, you will be frustrated.

The Amazon FBA Business journey is like this. Factor “Frustration of Finding Your First Product” as a Business & Time Investment when you’re starting out.

Apart from product research, you can use the breathing technique daily, specially before going to bed to help you relax.

Step 2: Block Time

Doing product research for your business is the first step, and the most difficult one as well. Get this right, and all the next steps are going to fall into their place like a domino effect.

It’s the foundation, the core, without the right product, you don’t have a business. It’s very important that you take this seriously, and make sure to block few hours of your time to focus only at this one task.  You will also have to practice this diligently to condition your mind from getting distracted. Your mind will make you remember the other 3 tasks which are not important and not relevant to this when you sit for this task, however through conscious effort, you can choose to shut it off for the duration of this task.

  • No multitasking
  • No Emails
  • No SMS
  • No Watsapp
  • No Talking
  • Just Product Research

Step 3: What Products You Currently Use?

Think of all the products you are currently using and write them down.

Which one’s would you like your company to make, with your own brand?

  • What features would you add?
  • How would you improve that product?
  • What slight modifications you can make to it and build your own brand around it?

Often times, there are few products we use daily and absolutely love. This could be a good starting point to get the ball rolling.


Step 4: Think of a Problem

You are facing right now or have faced in the past, what did you do about it? was a product involved in overcoming that problem? If you are able to identify some products, that’s great, if not, then expand this thinking to someone in your family who is facing a problem, what are they doing about it? Are there any products involved? Then expand to your friends, social circle and so on.


Step 5: Intentionally Use Your Ability to Focus by Paying attention to Physical Products

It doesn’t matter that you’ve used and bought hundreds of products in the past when you’re thinking of creating your very own private labeled products. Because you were not thinking of doing a product based business before.

You were thinking only as a consumer and not a producer. We’re changing our approach now. You’re going to start thinking like a producer from now on-wards. You’re going to think “how can I improve this already existing product and make my own brand out of it”

Visit your local market place, departmental store, spend some time observing the different products present out there. Go to different sections, explore how they’re packaged, are they bundled? Would you buy the single item or if it was bundled with higher quantity, additional add-on items? what are their prices, make note of anything and everything that comes to your mind. Be free, explore, let your brain run wild, let your creative juices flow, you’re at exploration stage.

The Key is to Bring your Focus to the Products that can be utilized/exist for solving Problems. Practice this and you will be thinking Products!

This is the end of Part 1, go take action

Oh by the way, if you haven’t noticed yet, the featured image at the top of this post is intentional, those are all examples of real life products. Now scroll up and you should see atleast 10 products. I can chose to make any of them as my own brand if i want, spend on marketing, start seeing results.

Part 2 will take you to the next stage of taking your primary ideas to expanding and conducting your research online.

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  1. I am in a market where we import almost everything from different countries, but have huge market, your way of thinking help me to think out of the box. InshahAllah will book sometime and work on few ideas!!
    Regards and Assalam o alakum!

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