1. Online Business Masterclass

Say goodbye to ALL the misconceptions, misinformation and misleading ‘guru’s you have about Online Business once and for all! Leverage Fahad’s 12+ years of under fire experience of doing business online. Get a proven framework to start/grow/scale an online business (regardless of what you want to sell!)


2. Private Labeling Masterclass – Amazon FBA

  • Learn how to build your own physical products business online using marketplaces like Amazon FBA, eBay and others.
  • How much investment is required to test?
  • How much Profit can you make?
  • What are the legal requirements?
  • What are the stages of this business?
  • What are the Challenges of this business?
  • How to Automate this business for a near passive income?


3. Services Business Masterclass 

  • What is a online Services Business?
  • The only 4 Logical Stages/Phases of this Business


4. Product Research Masterclass (private labeling, e-commerce, amazon fba)

  • Watch Fahad identify potential products for private labeling/building your own brand in minutes!
  • Discover what matrices he considers.
  • What Not to Private Label.
  • How he shortlists and communicates with Suppliers.
  • What other channels he uses for sourcing, other than AliBaba!



5. Colored Brain™ Workshop

Become an effective communicator, understand yourself, your customers, clients, everyone you interact with by understanding the Color of their Brain.

6. Conflicts Gone

Conflicts and Misunderstandings are bound to happen when people from different walks of life come together to work. Be the one who:

  • Understands the underlying reasons for Conflict at Workplace
  • Develop your strengths and acknowledge your weaknesses
  • Understand the unique behaviors people have and why
  • Identify your default response to Conflict situations
  • learn whether your response to conflict is helping or hurting you?

Created by combining two Very Powerful methodologies, i.e. the foundations of Directive Communication Psychology and Dr. Ron Kraybill’s peace-building work, this workshop is going to Change Your People’s Perspectives, Serve as an Eye Opener and Reduce Conflicts in only 1 Day!



7. Communicate Like a True Leader at Home & Work

Great Leaders are Great Listeners. They follow a structured approach to communication. They Don’t do Reactive Communication. They are Great Observers. They Know what Elements Make their Communication Influential. The good news is, you too can Learn this Skill and potentially become the top 1% of communicators.



8. Secure Fahad Khalil to Empower Your Audience

Over the past 12 years, Fahad Khalil has touched and transformed hundreds of lives through his stage presentations, live events, corporate trainings, online and in person workshops (including Cisco, Fauji Fertilizer, Abahsain, National Supply, Advance Machinery and Industrial Supplies Development Company). Is your stage next? Get in touch and find out whats possible for your audience.