When people from different walks of life come together, conflicts & misunderstandings are bound to happen. And it’s perfectly fine.

However, not knowing how to navigate bottlenecks, get your point across and understand why people Behave differently significantly impacts teams performance. Thus, reducing productivity and time is spent/wasted in meaningless discussions and draining meetings.

Imagine if there was a magic wand, that you could strike and all of a sudden your entire team starts connecting at a deeper and meaningful level!

This magic wand exists and I have helped 100’s of people from executives to managers, directors to owners in getting this one thing in asia and middle east.

Based on Neuroscience + Genetic Hardwiring + 50+ Years of Combined Research & Application in Global Peace Building Efforts.

What to Expect


Save your peoples precious time and allow them to gain clarity based on their brain’s genetic hardwiring.


No one has to know your secret of success. Unless you want to! Enjoy your growth by signing the 100% confidentiality agreement.


Be in a state of certainty that your teams are synergizing.


There are many way of achieving a goal. Develop a customized strategy with Fahad, that works best for your unique situation.


Speak your mind knowing you are working in a safe, judgement free environment. 

Express your deepest concerns, vulnerabilities and ideas without fear.


Follow proven systems that work.